September 26-27, 2020 // Helsingborg, Sweden

The greatest 3D-printing event in the Nordics!

2020 Intro Video

Saturday to Sunday

September 26th - 09:00 - 22:00
September 27th - 09:00 - 18:00

See you all at #3DMS2020


The wait is finally over!

We have now opened the doors to #3DMS2020. The event will span for two days and we hope to see you all there. Welcome!


Vasatorpsvägen 1B
254 57 Helsingborg

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About 3D Meetup Sweden

3D Meetup is all about 3D Printing and the things related to it! Here you will find enthusiasts, makers, YouTubers, companies and more. If you’ve already got a 3D Printer, bring it with you to tinker and spend time exchanging knowledge with other like-minded people!

If all of this is new to you then you’ve got a golden opportunity to learn all about it and get involved in this hobby. We offer interesting lectures, the chance to meet exciting people, the people behind the technology and fantastic makers with sweet projects. There will also be companies from all over the world attending, offering you great deals and their on-site support.

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Community & Networking

Join your fellow makers, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts and suppliers for a weekend of networking and knowledge.

Knowledge & New Insights

Attend lectures, gain new insights and step in to the great world of 3D-printing. There is much to learn!

Ideas & Inspiration

Have a look at what others around you are doing and get inspired. Perhaps the next big idea will start right here?

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Platinum exhibitors

Gold Exhibitors

Silver exhibitors

Bronze exhibitors

Buy your tickets today!

We have plenty of space for visitors but make sure to grab your tickets today, especially if you’re considering bringing your printer along as table seats are limited. If you forgot something during your original order, you can buy extras on this page. Children 12 years and younger enter free of charge!

Saturday 99 SEK
  • One day access
  • Table reservations
  • Lectures & workshops
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Full Weekend 175 SEK
  • Best value
  • Two day access
  • Table reservations
  • Lectures & workshops
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Sunday 99 SEK
  • One day access
  • Table reservations
  • Lectures & workshops
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3D Meetup is such a great event due to it's focus on and around the 3D printing community. Of course the vendors and manufacturers are there too but you get past the sales talk and instead get more personal in-depth discussions.

Daniel Norée Father of the 3D Benchy

There’s nothing ”lagom" about 3D Meetup. It's an EPIC event for anyone who wants to get inspired, see cool 3D printing stuff and meet all the locals in an expanding 3D printing Scandinavia!

Anton Månsson 3D Print - Tech Design

Meetings I had at 3D Meetup 2017 inspired my Hangprinter work for months to follow. The arrangement and atmosphere were great, and I'm really looking forwards to the 2018 edition. See you there!

Torbjørn Ludvigsen Creator of the Hangprinter

3D Meetup is not a tradeshow - and that's awesome! A great event to meet with 3D printing enthusiasts, makers and designers.

Thomas Sanladerer Producer of Toms3D

Day #1 September 26th, 2020

  • Doors opening

  • Simple painting techniques, part 1 (Room one)

  • Duet3D (Room one)

  • Optimus 3D (Room one)

  • 3D Printing at the hospital (Room two)

  • Full scale 3D printed architecture with desktop 3D printers (Room one)

  • Simple painting techniques, part 2 (Room one)

  • Women in 3D printing (Room one)

  • Doors closing

  • 3D Meetup After Party (Radisson Hotel)

Day #2 September 27th, 2020

  • Doors opening

  • Simple painting techniques, part 1 (Room one, )

  • InSeed – an Urban Indoor farming project (Room one)

  • Towards an Open-Hardware Metal 3D-Printer

  • Optimus 3D (Room one, )

  • Simple painting techniques, part 2 (Room one, )

  • Doors closing

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★ Projects in the spotlight ★

If you’re bringing a project with you to 3D Meetup and want us to publish it here on the website so that you can get some extra time in the spotlight, submit your project below and we will list it here. Do it now!

© Paulo Kiefe

STEMFIE: printable toy car

A new and fully 3D-printable educational toy which exhibits the retention and controlled energy release to achieve motion.

© Martin Thesen

The work of Martin Thesen

Martin is well known in the Swedish 3D-printing community. He loves to print and paint big models which always turn out awesome!

© Philip Thulin

The RC Benchy

Everyone is familiar with the 3DBenchy by Daniel Norée, but how about this RC Benchy? It actually floats and drives!

© Johannes Gunnarson

Johannes Agera build

Static version of the fantastic Agera RS1 model. Fully 3D-printed, with hundreds of hours spent on sanding, painting and polishing.

© Palko (@pokon_nurdspace)

The Ultra Benchy

Presenting the Ultra Benchy, a community print project completed with the help from around 20 people from 4 countries.

© Nitram

Ludicrous printing speeds

See Martins modded Anycubic Delta running Klipper firmware continuously print at ludicrous speeds of up to 1000mm/s.

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Community Print Project

Together with Stefania Dinea we proudly present the Halo Pavilion, a community print where you can participate and help bring it to life. The goal is to build a fully modular structure produced entirely on modern desktop 3D-printers. With the help from the 3D community in Sweden and around the world we aim to complete this project and assemble it throughout the first day of the event.


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Did you miss the last event?

Check out the links below in order to find official photos and videos from our 2019 event. And don’t worry, the next one will be even more awesome than the last!

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Sponsors & Partners

Got any questions?

Wondering about the event, the concept, the venue or anything else? If so, head over to our F.A.Q. for more information. We’re almost certain that it’ll be able to give you answers to what you’re looking for. Should that not be the case, get in touch with us, and then we can can add it to the list.

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What's the latest news from 3D Meetup?

Check below to keep up to date with the latest news. This section will be updated continuously with important announcements before and throughout the event. See you soon!

Update on the COVID-19 situation

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Uppdatering angående COVID-19

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Information about the COVID-19 / Coronavirus situation

Hey guys! In the past week and last few days…