COVID-19 Information

This post will be continuously updated when needed

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Hey guys! In the past week and last few days we’ve been getting more and more questions about the current situation and the status of 3D Meetup.

Firstly, we have every intention of arranging 3D Meetup 2020 just as planned. We’re continuously monitoring the situation and listening to the advice from The Public Health Agency of Sweden. You can also keep yourselves up to date with the latest information in Sweden on SVT.

Please see our guidelines below:

  • People who have visited high-risk areas (China, Hong Kong, Italy, Iran, South Korea and more) should not visit 3D Meetup 2020. We also wish that anyone who experiences illness or symptoms similar to the ones like COVID-19 stay home as to not risk further spreading the disease.
  • All visitors participants are encouraged to pay attention to cold symptoms and practice good hand hygiene.

In addition the guidelines above, we will to place information and hand sanitiser throughout the event venue and at our entrances.

Please note that these guidelines might be subject to change should the health agency publish new directives.