Update on the COVID-19 situation

We're sorry to bring you these news, but unfortunately we don't have another choice

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Good folks! As much as it pains us to report this, 3D Meetup 2020 will not take place this upcoming weekend. This past week has been filled with alarms from various countries, and most importantly, from our own government. Shortly before writing this post, a decision which directly prevents us from hosting this event was published by the Public Health Agency of Sweden and our government. This decision, together with the risk of exposure leaves us no choice – 3D Meetup 2020 must take place at a later date.

All of this makes us super sad, we’ve been working hard for this event to happen despite the unfortunate circumstances in the world, but we have to comply with the regulations, and we also understand the public health risk. But, all is not lost! As 3D Meetup was merely days away we’re as ready as can be, and we’re determined to host an event this year, given that the situation gets under control.

So, cutting to the chase…

We’re planning to host the 2020 edition of 3D Meetup during September 26-27th. The venue is booked and we’ve managed to steer most of the practical stuff to make this happen. So we will definitely be ready to greet you all in September instead. And we sincerely hope to see you all there.

What if I booked tickets?

We’ve spoken to our ticketing platform, Tickster, and they’ve promised to issue full refunds to everyone who bought tickets and products for the event. This also includes any T-shirts, as they have not yet been printed. This should happen in the next few working days, but please bear with us as we get everything sorted.

To conclude

We’re terribly sorry that it has come to this, but we hope that we can make a comeback in September and create a 3D Meetup that is bigger and better than ever before. We’ll try to handle any and all questions as soon as possible, and please don’t hesitate to send us an email at info@3dmeetup.se or contacting us through Facebook or Twitter. We’re aware of the inconvenience this causes, and we’re trying our best to be helpful.

We will get back to you soon with the ability to book tickets for our September event.

Thank you all, and see you soon!