3D Meetup Sweden

Swedens largest event for 3D-printing enthusiasts

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3D Meetup is an annual event that aims to be the natural meeting point for enthusiasts and companies in the field of 3D. The event was founded in 2016 and we held our first successful event in 2017. This will be the fifth time the event is held, and just like the last few years it will take place at Tryckeriet in Helsingborg, Sweden.

At the event you will find enthusiasts, makers, YouTubers, companies and more. If you’ve already got a 3D Printer, bring it with you to tinker and spend time exchanging knowledge with other like-minded people. And if you have the chance, bring along some of your projects and show them off to the world!

If all of this is new to you then you’ve got a golden opportunity to learn all about it and get involved in this hobby. We offer interesting lectures, the chance to meet exciting people, the people behind the technology and fantastic makers with sweet projects. There will also be companies from all over the world attending, offering you great deals and their on-site support.

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