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It’s finally time! The 27-28th of April 2019 we’ll be arranging the third edition of 3D Meetup Sweden. Just like previous years the goal is to gather people from all over the world and the 3D printing community for a weekend of networking and knowledge sharing. Your participation is at the core of our concept and by attending this event you’ll be offered a great marketing opportunity and the possibility to meet your customers face to face.

Exhibition packages

Our vision for 3D Meetup remains the same, to bring the companies closer with the end consumer. We will never be a strictly business to business expo. That’s why your participation is of the utmost essence and at the core of our concept. We are striving to find a balance between manufacturer/retailer and hobbyist/consumer and we sincerely hope to see you as a part of that balance.

We learned a lot from our last event and this year we’re offering three different packages for companies as well as a bonus “platinum package”. Pick the one that suits your needs and gives you the best platform to succeed. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Bronze € 150
  • No booth
  • Rollup inside
  • Beach flag outside
Silver € 500
  • 2 x 3 meters
  • Staffed booth
  • Tables and chairs
Gold € 1000
  • 2 x 5 meters
  • Staffed booth
  • Rollup on the stage
Platinum € 2000
  • 2 x 8 meters
  • Premium location
  • Guaranteed lecture

We are here to help and you are important to us, we’re not happy until you are happy. If you have any special needs or requests then you are most welcome to contact us. We will do our best to accommodate special requests as long as it is manageable.

Do note that as of this year we do not allow shared booths but ask all parties to book a booth each. There are several reasons for this, but it’s mainly for making our life easier and also because it’s very hard to split up the different booth perks between several companies, especially when it comes to marketing.

Venue layout and booth placement

We have created an overview map where you can have a look at the venue and how we intend to place the company booths, makers, attendees etc. The form below contains these placements as well, so you’ll select the one you want for your company when you register. Also, as the event is a few months away and things might change, we reserve ourselves the right to make continuous layout and placement changes. If and when something changes, we promise to let you know.

See the overview map

Confirm your participation

Use the following form to confirm your participation and give us the invoicing information. We’ll send the invoice shortly. If you’re on Facebook, consider joining our FB Group for partners to stay up to date with the latest information not available to the public.

Looking to get in touch?

Have any questions you need to ask or just want to get in touch with us? We’re here to help and eager to answer any questions you might have. Let’s talk!

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