Spotlight – Clas Ohlson

Today the spotlight shines on Clas Ohlson!

This 100 year old Swedish company is most likely known to most of our visitors, with stores in several European countries and the motto “everything for the DIY’er” they have a HUGE selection! Of course it’s Clas Ohlson we’re speaking of.

A while back they dived head first into the 3D printing scene and quickly made a significant impact on the market with well priced filament and Flashforge printers.

Clas Ohlson are sponsoring 3D Meetup Sweden with no less than 5 Flashforge Finders that we are giving away at the event through various contests, a huge thank you to Clas Ohlson and best of luck to all of our competitors!

You’ll find their booth at B8!

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