3DVerkstan & add:north

3DVerkstan, innovative products and industrial printers

Knowledge-focused and innovation-driven 3DVerkstan is firmly rooted in the professional desktop segment, representing brands such as Ultimaker, Markforged and Formlabs. They are also proud owners of the Olsson line, featuring the well-know Olsson Ruby nozzle, developed for abrasive materials.

Come have a chat with 3DVerkstan’s product developers and product managers, take a look at the latest Olsson products, the Olsson Ruby MK8 and the Olsson Torque Wrench. They’ll also bring their flagship printer, the Mark Two, to showcase the power of fibre reinforced, super strong components, and discuss functional, recyclable, and Swedish made filaments with their booth partner add:north.

add:north, striving to make the perfect filament

Our 3D-filament is produced by us in Sweden and together we have more than 30 years of experience in the plastics industry. We strive to make the perfect filament and we know that details are everything. Our filaments contain only high quality raw materials and additives which gives us the confidence to guarantee a premium product.

We are pioneering a circular approach for 3D filaments, where our customers can return filament waste and unused material to us. We are proud of our low intensity production and we put great effort into minimizing our and our customers’ environmental impact.

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