🦠 Well, that happened 😷

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We’re super sorry to announce this, but due to the unfortunate global circumstances we will have to postpone 3D Meetup yet again 😢

Leading up to #3DMS2020 we originally thought that we might be able to arrange the event after all. During the early days of March Sweden had yet seen many cases of COVID-19, but during the last days ahead of the event it became apparent that it was neither safe nor possible to go through with the event. At that point, we couldn’t have imagined the sheer scale of this virus, nor that it would become a full blown pandemic – so we set our sights for this year, assuming that all would be good by now. We were wrong.

Seeing as the pandemic is still not fully under control, and that it’s not safe to arrange such an event, it’s with a heavy heart that we once again need to postpone 3D Meetup. Although, this time we don’t dare to make any predictions, but we’re setting our sights for 2022. Unfortunately that’s all we can say about it for now.

You should know that we miss all of you, and we’re looking forward to when we can meet again under safe conditions. But until then – wash your hands, wear a mask and keep safe!

Yours truly,
The 3D Meetup Sweden Team
Jonathan, Niklas, Peter & Ron